Sunday, December 2, 2007

Abortion to save the earth?

I was sent an article on the women who abort to "save the planet." It puts things much better than I could. I recommend taking a look.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Some 44% of asylum seekers [from Iraq] in Syria are Christian, reported the United Nations' refugee agency, which has been registering refugees since 2003.

Will there be any Christians left in Iraq?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Read this on the blog Holy Smoke from Britain:

Meanwhile, here’s something that their Lordships don’t want you to know. The latest Newsletter of the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland carries an article by Mgr Gordon Read, a distinguished canon lawyer, which addresses the question of the new right of a “stable group” of Catholics to request a Latin Mass.

Here is Mgr Read’s interpretation, which flatly contradicts the nonsense being talked by English bishops who want to raise the bar for a “stable group” as high as possible in order to keep the number of traditional Masses as low as possible. Money quote, thanks to Fr Z:

"What is meant by ‘stable group’? the Latin reads ‘coetus fidelium traditioni liturgicae antecedenti adhaerentium continenter exsistit’. ‘Coetus’ means ‘group’ implying at least three people. The word order implies that ‘continenter’ qualifies ‘exsistit’ rather than ‘adhaerentium’. What does it mean? If the author had intended ‘stable’ in the canonical sense he would have used ‘stabilis’. The term does not, then, appear to mean a formal group with established membership. On the other hand it would go beyond the wording to require such a group to have existed continuously since 1970. What it specifies is an identifiable group with some kind of continuing existence, as distinct from a one-off request from an ad hoc group."

Would that these people worried this much about living the Gospel.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Doesn't make sense

The Latin Church seems determined to preserve mandatory clerical celibacy at all costs. If that's what they want to do then fine. I personally think it is a mistake, but I am not going to change Rome's mind. God knows that Bishops and Cardinals have been unable to do so. In the light of their intransigence on this issue, though, I have a huge problem with the exceptions being made. The "pastoral provision" that allows some married former ministers in other denominations (primarily Anglican and Lutheran) to be ordained as Catholic priests strikes me as a cruel joke. It is always claimed that this is a rare exception (although Rome is loath to publish any numbers). However, with the recent news that the Traditional Anglican Communion, numbering some 400,000 soul, has petitioned for union with Rome the trickle of married former Anglican/Episcopalian clergy being ordained as Catholic priests looks to soon become a flood. Either celibacy is a necessary constituent of the Latin Rite priesthood or it is not. Either it is binding on everyone or on no one. I don't think Rome should be able to have its cake and eat it too.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A good Blog

I came across another priest's blog which I find enjoyable. There are a few priests out there who aren't clamoring for the Latin Mass or worried about playing dress-up! Check out Msgr. James T. Gaston's blog On The Way To Church…. He writes from Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania. I think you will find much food for thought.


"Having children is selfish. It's all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet," or so says a woman who aborted her child rather than "overburden" the earth. After talking about her abortion and sterilization she states the she and her husband "have a much nicer lifestyle as a result of not having children. We love walking and hiking, and we often go away for weekends. Every year, we also take a nice holiday - we've just come back from South Africa." I guess there is nothing selfish about that kind of attitude. And where did she meet the husband who shares her "unselfish" view of reproduction? At an animal rights demonstration, of course.

Read the entire depressing article from Britain's Daily Mail here.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Shopping

With Thanksgiving out of the way the annual three-pronged orgy of materialism, commercialism, and consumerism has begun. Oh what I wouldn't give for the Christmases of yore when the trinity of faith, family, and friends was the focus of the holidays ... the days when we worshiped at the Temple of God and not the Temple of Mammon (read: the mall).